About Us

Building a Better Lincoln

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County works to bring the whole community together to create long-term, lasting change. While most charities focus on a single group or issue, United Way tackles issues facing Lincoln and Lancaster County as a whole. Together with more than 500 volunteers, we identify and prioritize community goals—whether those goals include shelter for displaced families or health and nutrition assistance for seniors—and bring together the right people, ideas, and resources to achieve them.

. . . through effective solutions

We take the time to identify the most pressing problems in our community and work with local agencies to provide assistance in those areas. Our current focus is on assisting those in crisis and investing in the future of our children.

. . . through community leadership

We make sure the programs we fund produce the results Lincoln needs. This is made possible by a group of dedicated volunteers from across the community who help us identify and document outcomes and solutions.

. . . through real impact

We invest donations to the United Way Fund in services that can make the greatest impact on our community. This way, you know your dollars are really making a difference.

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County is the unifying bond that brings our community together and makes it a great place to call home. Without your support, none of this would be possible. So let’s join together to make real, lasting change in Lincoln.

You can help create lasting change and improve our community by donating your time and resources to United Way. Explore the opportunities today; your generosity will drastically change lives across Lincoln and Lancaster County.