Our Mission, Vision, and Purpose

A Catalyst for Community Change

Our Mission

To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of the Lincoln and Lancaster County community.

Our Vision

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County will be the organization that inspires and engages all citizens to support and solve human services needs.

Our Purpose

To assess, on a continuing basis, the need for human services programs, to seek solutions to human problems, to assist in the development of new or the expansion of existing human services programs, to promote preventive activities, and to foster cooperation among local, state, and national agencies serving the community.

To develop as fully as possible the financial resources, governmental and voluntary, needed to meet the human services needs of the community and to reduce the number of appeals for financial support for services.

To distribute United Way financial support in a way that maximizes the resources available to agencies providing services aimed at the most urgent needs of the community.

To increase support for and commitment to the entire United Way system through a communications program that both speaks and listens to the community.

To manage United Way operations effectively and to offer assistance to agencies wishing to improve their management skills.