Divide & Concur – A Campaign Committee

A committee can be one of the most important pieces to running a successful United Way/Community Health Charities campaign. Having a committee gives you an opportunity to connect with a variety of people throughout your organization and build those long-lasting relationships that will have a continual effect on our local communities.

There are several other reasons to establish a committee, these include:

1. Utilizing special skills – Each person in a committee has something to bring to the table and being able to realize each of those skills and use them to the best of their ability will help to build a strong team.

2. Communication – Communication between committee members and their organization is an important way to convey the committee’s objectives and educate donors on the need to increase and/or obtain their current level of involvement.

3. Motivate – Motivation is a great way to help people feel like they are making an impact in our community. This also helps improve employee morale and engagement within your organization.

4. Variety – Having a variety of people on your committee helps give a better representation of various interest groups. Members can enlighten each other on policy matters and ideas beyond that of one individual.

5. Delegate – Delegating is a great way to spread the responsibilities among a number of different committee members.

“Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success.” – Unknown


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