Get Creative

Themes are an inspirational way to increase employee involvement, so have FUN with it.

Having a theme is a great marketing tool to help convey the message you are trying to send for your campaign. People love to be inspired, have fun and know that they are making a difference in their community, so creating a unified message around the impact you are trying to make, can make all the difference in hosting a successful campaign.

When selecting a theme for your campaign make sure that it is one that reflects your goal and connects with your audience. Here are a list of tips that can help when selecting your theme:

  • Choose a tagline that plays up the theme. Something creative and catchy, that people will remember and can relate to.
  • Create a logo that can easily remind people of your theme.
  • Make your events make sense with your theme. For example: Rockin’ the United Way was the theme last year for Black Hills Energy. They decided to set a goal to increase their employee participation and in celebration of meeting that goal, chose to reward employees with a party on the lawn. The party included a band playing for all the employees with food and a visit from the Huskers Cheerleaders.

“We must have a theme, a goal and a purpose in our lives.” – Mary Kay Ash

Your Coaching & Education Team

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