Homeless Numbers in Lincoln Equal a Small Nebraska Town

October 9, 2011  //  United Way

In Lincoln, 834 men, women and children in 621 households were found to be homeless on January 26, 2011 – enough to fill more than a dozen small towns in Nebraska. Even the finest homeless shelters or temporary housing will never replace a permanent home.

That is why United Way targets individuals and families affected by homelessness. The goal is to help them to achieve greater stability and independence. To that end, United Way used 8 percent total unrestricted funds ($156,500) to help 10 organizations that work with those 834 men, women and children in various ways – always with the goal of self-sufficiency – and maybe a real home someday.

  • Tabitha, Inc.: Adult day treatment
  • Asian Community and Cultural Center: Basic needs
  • League of Human Dignity: Barrier removal
  • Indian Center, Inc.: Emergency assistance
  • Catholic Social Services: Emergency assistance
  • People’s City Mission: Family shelter
  • Fresh Start, Inc.: Fresh Start
  • CEDARS Youth Services: Safety, Stability Partnership
  • Matt Talbot Kitchen & Outreach: Shelter and prevention