Members of the Tocqueville Society provide significant inspiration to other members of our community. Their generous hearts set the stage for a society of giving individuals dedicated to improving the lives of those in need.

Thank you to all our donors who give at this level and truly make a difference in our community.

Legacy Circle

  • Liz and Frank Hilsabeck

Ordre de Liberté

  • Jim and Mary Abel
    Abel Foundation
  • Jim and Judy Cada
  • Doug and Mary Carper
  • Angie and Dan Muhleisen
  • Tim and Renee Tewes
  • Anonymous (1)

Ordre de la Compassion

  • Todd and Connie Duncan
  • Philip Mullin and Linda Robinson Rutz
  • Anonymous (3)

Ordre de Communauté

  • Nick and Ann Cusick
  • Jan Garvin and Jim Spaulding
  • Tom and Candy Henning
  • Marc and Kathryn LeBaron
  • JoAnn and Derrel Martin
  • William J. Mueller and
    Kim M. Robak
  • Michael D. Munro and
    Susan L. Keisler-Munro
  • J. Scott and Teri Nelson
  • Robert and Cheryl Reynoldson
  • Tim and Jenny Stonehocker
  • Anonymous (1)

Membres de la Société

  • James and Amy Anderson
  • James Barone
  • Robert and Alana Barth
  • Bret and Carol Benham
  • Nancy and Jim Biggs
  • Jason Bombeck
  • Jennifer and Matt Brinkman
  • Bill and Marilyn Cintani
  • Tim and Amy Clare
  • Alice M. Dittman
  • Robert and Karen Duncan
  • Steve and Gloria Eicher
  • Glenn and Janice Friendt
  • Karen M. Gustin
  • Brad and Sheryl Hedrick
  • Rich and Lanelle Herink
  • Aaron and Jennifer Hilkemann
  • Drs. Mark and Deanna Hutchins
  • Brent and Robin Korte
  • Jim and Becky Kruger
  • Bill and Myrna Kubly
  • Jeff and Diana Lake
  • Patricia Leach
  • Bill and Cindy Lester
  • Randee and David Manley
  • Jim and Lori McClurg
  • Greer and Sarah McCurley
  • Kelly McKeever
  • Scott and Denise McLain
  • Philip Morgan and
    Michelle Hrbek
  • Robert and Sally Morrow
  • Jeff and Dr. Elizabeth Noordhoek
  • Holly and Tonn Ostergard
  • Cary and Lisa Peterson
  • Monte and Mary Rasmussen
  • Todd and Shelley Reimers
  • Lynn and Dana Roper
  • Tim Sabo
  • Nancy Sand
  • David and Marla Schmidt
  • Jim and Kathy Schulz
  • Ric and Ranae Stoakes
  • Lee and Debbie Stuart
  • Scott and Suzanne Sughroue
  • Gregory E. Sutton and
    Margaret Kontras
  • Pat and Ken VanCleave
  • Richard and Karen Vierk
  • Kevin and Boots Wailes
  • Bob and DeeAnn K. Wenger
  • Richard and Kim Wiedenbeck
  • Robert and Sue Wilkinson
  • Anonymous (3)