The World’s Most Valuable Brands

October 27, 2010  //  United Way

It will take more than a problem with antenna reception on the IPhone 4 to affect Apple’s brand.

This is a company that has faced setbacks before and bounced back to become the world’s most valuable brand–worth $57.4 billion, according to Forbes. In a list dominated by tech brands–they made up 30% of the top 50 ranked by Forbes–Apple ( AAPLnews people ) squeaked by longtime nemesis Microsoft ( MSFTnews people ), worth $56.6 billion, and Google ( GOOGnews people ), which came in fifth on the list with a brand value of $39.7 billion. Steve Jobs’ creation is among a number of resilient brands, including corporate ones, that have thrived despite business troubles or setbacks… (Click here to see full article)