United Way/Community Health Charities Celebrate Leadership Givers

July 9, 2018  //  United Way

Leadership gifts made a big impact in United Way/Community Health Charity’s 2017 Campaign. That fact was celebrated on May 17 when a full house of 400 filled the ballroom at the Cornhusker Marriott.

2017 campaign chair, Russ Sebek, said that the leadership giving of 2,358 donors who give $500 or more, accounted for 46 percent of the total campaign that raised more than $6.7 million.  “We came to the table knowing that we had to do everything we could to support these agencies that are doing an extreme amount of good work to help our community,” he said.

Tocqueville Society members, individuals who give a minimum of $10,000, grew by 11 to 81 members in 2017 or 13 percent of the total campaign. Others earning recognition as first place leadership givers were Lighthouse, Wells Fargo, Nelnet, Commonwealth Electric and Frontier Bank. Ameritas was singled out for their support of the Engage.Empower.Graduate. initiative.

In her keynote address, Katie McLeese Stephenson, executive director of the Child Guidance Center, recounted her own family story of growing up as the youngest among four brothers and a father who died at age 49. It was her father’s final letter which provided an eight-point road map to his children—love is the foundation, aim for success, have a positive attitude, give 125 percent effort, capitalize on church, associate with winners, have a plan and have fun–that helped to guide them to lives of value. “Life is short. There are no guarantees beyond today,” she said.

Each year, more than 18,000 donors support the United Way/Community Health Charities Campaign. For more information visit: unitedwaylincoln.org.

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Story development and writing by Carol Jess
CJJ Communications