Virtual Book Drive 2021

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The last day of school doesn’t have to be the end of learning. You can help kids avoid the “summer slide.”

This week marks the last day of school in Lincoln and many kids are making exciting summer plans! But no kid is planning to experience a “summer slide” in learning so that they have a harder time when school starts in the fall.

That’s where you can help. By making a gift right now to United Way’s Virtual Book Drive, you are helping to put books into the hands of kids in the Lincoln and Lancaster County community.

All children should be able to grow up with readily available books at home. Books at home propel a child further in education and help break the link between poverty and poor academic outcomes.

We all have experienced varied ways in which COVID-19 has dramatically changed our lives. Those who have children at home have had to adapt significantly to not only conduct a normal work and home life, but also to engage their children in activities that are both educational as well as entertaining. Now imagine if you are a family living in poverty, without access to ongoing activities to expand or even complement your children’s educational experience and keep them engaged in productive activities through the summer. Imagine how difficult that is for both the parent as well as the child.

You can help this family. Through United Way’s Virtual Book Drive, we will deliver books through our community nonprofit partners and supported school communities of Campbell and McPhee Elementary schools this summer.

It will all take place on the first day of summer, June 21, 2021. We call this day, Day of Action, when volunteers like you will be delivering books to children right here in Lincoln and Lancaster County.

But we need your help. Help us reach our $6,000 goal to get 2,400 books into the hands of children in our community.