Campaign Communications

How to create FOMO

June 29, 2017  //  

Have you noticed all the social media posts about everyone’s hectic and FUN summer plans? If you were to read my Facebook post asking about who is coming to the local Farmer’s Market for the great sweet corn this weekend, do you suddenly think “maybe I need to go check that out too?” If so,… View Full Content »

Utilizing the Power of 7 in Your Campaign

June 12, 2017  //  

Seven continents. Seven days in a week. Seven colors in a rainbow. The number 7 is all around us and this year it has the power to drive the success of the United Way/Community Health Charities campaign. Here’s how: The overall campaign goal is to raise $7,000,000 If every donor from last year’s campaign increases… View Full Content »

Utilizing the coordinator coaching & education team

June 12, 2017  //  

Thanks to those of you that joined us at Building Blocks recently. As a reminder, we are here to help with any questions you have throughout the campaign planning process. We can offer guidance, help come up with new ideas and offer our own experiences on what has worked well in the past. There were… View Full Content »

Retaining Retirees

October 20, 2016  //  

Before someone retirees, either during the exit interview or while going through the retirement package have your HR department take the time to discuss the value of continuing to donate to the United Way/ Community Health Charities campaign and supporting our local community. We realize that budgets may be tighter when someone retires, but a… View Full Content »

Getting the word out

September 27, 2016  //  

Communication is key to a successful United Way/Community Health Charities Campaign. It is one of the best ways to show donors the impact their dollars have within the community. Communication can be as elaborate as creating your own campaign video or as simple as sending out a monthly email with a couple of statistics. Here… View Full Content »

Every Donor Counts: Growing Participation

September 19, 2016  //  

In campaigns we often concentrate our efforts on increasing gifts from loyal donors and growing our leadership numbers, but it’s important to remember that every donor counts and can make a difference.   Every dollar an employee gives goes toward supporting education, income and health programs in our community. Giving at any level helps United… View Full Content »

Get Creative

September 12, 2016  //  

Themes are an inspirational way to increase employee involvement, so have FUN with it. Having a theme is a great marketing tool to help convey the message you are trying to send for your campaign. People love to be inspired, have fun and know that they are making a difference in their community, so creating a unified… View Full Content »

Divide & Concur – A Campaign Committee

August 29, 2016  //  

A committee can be one of the most important pieces to running a successful United Way/Community Health Charities campaign. Having a committee gives you an opportunity to connect with a variety of people throughout your organization and build those long-lasting relationships that will have a continual effect on our local communities. There are several other… View Full Content »

Talking points to help spread the word

August 25, 2016  //  

This year’s campaign focuses on the power of education, income and health and how they fit together. These three strategic areas are proven to be vital pieces to a healthy, prosperous life. By giving to the United Way Impact Fund, you’re giving friends, families and neighbors in our community the chance to build a better… View Full Content »

Education Pillar

August 25, 2016  //  

Goal: Lincoln Public Schools will achieve a 90% high school graduation rate by 2019 In the area of educational achievement, the relationship between high school graduation and lifetime potential is clearly established. In order to reach high school graduation, there are key development stages along the way, and if met, lead to maximizing the student’s… View Full Content »