Fundraising Ideas

Our goal is to help you make your campaign run smoothly. Here are some fun and easy ideas to get you started:

Lights! Camera! Action!

Have employees dress up as their favorite characters from movies or TV shows. Act out a plot that involves United Way. Incorporate movie plots or famous lines into flyers and emails. Use incentives such as movie tickets, TVs, and video rental gift certificates.

Tune In to the Community

Music is a great way to get everyone moving to the United Way beat. Hold a karaoke kickoff party. Have participants and volunteers dress up as their favorite musicians. Sell employees’ old CDs and donate the proceeds. Hold a talent show. Organize a sock hop. Give away stereos, CDs, or iTunes gift cards.

Book, Music, and Video Sale

Have employees donate old books, CDs, and videos for a company- or department-wide sale, with proceeds earmarked for United Way.

Reality Campaign

Get real with your employees and conduct your campaign with a theme centered on reality TV shows! Hold daily activities with a tie to the numerous reality shows—a Survivor picnic, an Amazing Race putt-putt contest, or an American Idol singing contest.

International Food Day

Have employees team up to create tasty treats from around the world. They can decorate their own booths and dress in costumes. Hold the event at lunch, allowing employees to purchase tickets redeemable for food at the booths, and elect a panel of “celebrity” judges to award prizes.

Funniest Home Videos Contest

Invite employees to create their own videos. Charge an entry fee at the viewing party and offer a prize for the winner.

Pucker Up Pig!

For a set contribution amount, employees can cast votes for fellow coworkers to kiss a pig at the end of the campaign. This would also work with goats, cows, or a variety of other animals.

Husker Day

Sell stickers that allow employees to wear their Husker gear on a Friday or any game day during the season. Host a Husker tailgate party during the lunch hour, asking employees to bring their favorite dish to share.

Race Day

Decorate the office with racing apparel and hold the Office Chair 500. Have employees purchase tickets to participate, with a prize going to the winner.

Only in Las Vegas

Create baskets based on different Las Vegas hotels. Instead of raffle tickets, people could buy poker chips that they could use for basket drawings.

A Day at the Beach

Hold an office luau. Encourage employees to wear beachy apparel and even award a prize for the worst Hawaiian shirt.

Da Vinci Code

Hold a scavenger hunt that leads to prizes. Charge a fee for entry into the contest.


Hold a carnival at the office. Employees could be responsible for different booths. Sell tickets for carnival-goers to participate in activities.

Additional Fundraising Events

While the emphasis for your campaign should be placed on traditional fundraising solicitation, many companies incorporate extra fundraising events into their campaign to supplement results. To encourage greater participation, we recommend the costs to participants be minimal.

  • Sell $1 chances for a prize drawing.
  • Sell casual day coupons.
  • Hold a bake sale.
  • Obtain a life-size cutout of a celebrity and sell picture-taking opportunities for $1.
  • Allow employees to send candygrams to coworkers for 25¢.
  • Hold a silent auction. Use incentive gifts or have employees bring items.
  • Host a popcorn sale.
  • Set up a car wash in your company’s parking lot.
  • Raffle off chances to do a computer smash.