Our Impact

Collaborative Initiatives

Community partnerships allow United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County to improve lives and community conditions.

2-1-1 Call Center

This nationwide initiative provides local support, toll-free, 24/7 information and referrals for human services needs. During 2022, trained staff helped 5,499 callers from Lincoln/Lancaster County.

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Agency Technical Assistance Fund

The agency technical assistance fund will provide flexible support to United Way partner agencies in addressing their organizational and capacity needs ($20,000 grant).

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Community Learning Centers (CLC) (Lincoln Public Schools)

United Way provides funding to support Lincoln Community Learning Centers. The CLC initiative is focused on achieving three major outcomes: improved student learning and development, strong and supportive families and engaged neighborhoods ($35,000 grant).

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Data-Tracking Project (UNL – Center on Children, Families, and the Law)

This jointly funded project of United Way and the Joint Budget Committee of the City and County helps track food pantry and food distribution efforts in the community ($7,500 grant).

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Lancaster Connected

Lancaster Connected is a community collaborative for safe children and strong families. The mission of the collaborative is to support families through a prevention network of connected community resources to ensure all families have the opportunities they need to raise healthy and thriving children.

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Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development

United Way provides support for the Lincoln Partnership for Economic Development’s workforce development activity to create pathways for Lincoln residents to obtain living-wage employment in our community ($12,500 grant).

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