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Financial Stability

A substantial proportion of Lincoln’s population faces real need.

These are the financial needs we are seeing in our community:

individuals in Lancaster County are living in poverty
of children live at or below the poverty line in Lincoln
neighborhoods in Lincoln are gripped by extreme poverty (in 2020 there were none

Low-income working families face numerous barriers to economic mobility. We realize that before a person can become self-sufficient, they need to have their basic needs met, such as shelter and food. United Way continues to assist those with low incomes who are struggling to afford these basic needs, while putting an increased emphasis on reducing the number of persons living under 200% of the poverty line. It is at this point where people begin to have the capability to build their own safety net, creating financial stability.

United Way continues to assist those with low incomes who are struggling to afford basic needs

nights of emergency shelter were provided to those experiencing homelessness last year.
pounds of food were distributed to those in need last year.
of participants in financial well-being programs improved their knowledge of financial management


Bringing the Community Together To Address Food Insecurity

Across our community, United Way partner agencies worked harder than ever to meet growing need in 2020. Last year, 6,069,222 pounds of food were distributed by United Way funded partners.

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Natalie’s Story

Eight-year-old Natalie was referred to one of United Way’s partner agencies because she was routinely showing up to school late and had trouble focusing in the classroom.

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Derrick's Story

When Derrick needed care he couldn't afford, United Way was there with hope.

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