Thanks to Ride United, Michelle, Betty, and Jeanette have food each week

“I know that if I’m low on food, I can count that on Friday, I will have some food,” Michelle says.

After serving dutifully in the Air Force, Michelle experienced homelessness but found help through People's City Mission and the VA. But even with these supports, Michelle has struggled to keep food on the table each week. Compounding her food insecurity is lack of transportation.

That's where United Way's Ride United has helped.

United Way’s Ride United Last Mile Delivery initiative, in partnership with DoorDash, is a successful national program fulfilling food insecurity needs. As one of only 31 communities nationwide to pilot this initiative, United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County brought Ride United to our community in the fall of 2020. Each week, Dashers pick up bags of shelf stable food organized by Pantry Partners like the Food Bank of Lincoln and deliver them at no cost to neighbors who are unable to access food on their own, including veterans.

“I know that if I’m low on food, I can count that on Friday, I will have some food,” Michelle says.

Jeanette's grandchildren are staying with her unexpectedly. Her limited income from social security was already tight before their arrival. Jeanette knows that food is available to her at food pantry distributions but has no transportation. Sometimes her neighbors could go to the distributions on her behalf, but often their schedules wouldn't allow them to help Jeanette out, leaving Jeanette and her grandchildren to make tough choices when meal time came around.

Thankfully, Ride United has helped Jeanette and her grandchildren.

"The bag of food every Wednesday morning really does help," says Jeanette. "Now I know that I will at least have this pantry delivered once per week. Thank you!"

Betty is 74 years old and lives alone. Due to a disability, she cannot drive or stand in line at food pantries. Some days, she has been going without food because she doesn't have the support of a loved one or trusted neighbor in her life to help her get the resources she needs.

Betty tells us that the bag of food she receives each week ensures that she has something to eat every day.

Learn more about Ride United or make a donation.