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Educational achievement impacts individuals and communities. Communities with educated populations are more productive, more innovative and pay higher salaries.

These are the education needs  we are seeing in the community:

grade students who do not gain reading proficiency are four times more likely to drop out of school
of High School seniors graduated last year. This was a decrease from the year before
of Lincoln Public Schools' students participate in the free or reduced lunch program

Education is the cornerstone of individual and community success. Without quality early learning opportunities, many children will lack basic skills and will enter kindergarten unprepared for school challenges. During their school years, children need to build on their early foundation. This foundation is critical in order to graduate from high school and go on to achieve financial stability as adults. Education is essential to getting and keeping a job with a livable wage and health benefits. In addition, communities with educated populations are more productive, more innovative and pay higher salaries.

 United Way is committed to ensuring that children have a quality education and grow into successful adults.

books were distributed to children in Lincoln and Lancaster County last year.
children improved academically last year
youth developed positive relationships with at least one adult last year


Giving Children A Jump Start To Their Education

Because of the pandemic, many children in our community are behind in their schooling. High school graduation rates fell in our community last year for the third year in a row and United Way is seeing challenges at all grade levels.

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Natalie’s Story

Eight-year-old Natalie was referred to one of United Way’s partner agencies because she was routinely showing up to school late and had trouble focusing in the classroom.

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Tyler's Story

Every one of us wants a flourishing future for our children.

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