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American health is declining quickly and is cause for concern.

These are the health needs we are seeing in our community:

domestic violence assaults were reported in Lincoln in 2020
chronic health conditions are in the top 10 leading causes of death
is the average number of poor mental health days Lincoln residents experience per month

An individual’s physical environment, combined with social and economic determinants, can greatly affect an individual’s physical and mental health. Evidence also strongly suggests that adverse childhood experiences such as exposure to trauma (violence, abuse or neglect) or insufficient basic needs cause lasting negative harm.

 United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County supports programs that focus on the health and safety of our residents, as well as youth behavioral health to achieve the greatest impact within this focus area.

crisis support calls were answered by United Way funded partners last year
individuals know more ways to plan for their safety
was provided to help those living with a chronic health condition


My life has been changed by United Way

When Mo Shakir was fourteen, his mom was diagnosed with terminal cancer.

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Eight-year-old Natalie was referred to one of United Way’s partner agencies because she was routinely showing up to school late and had trouble focusing in the classroom.

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When Derrick needed care he couldn't afford, United Way was there with hope.

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Emily no longer feels alone.

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