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Through Your Will

The United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County Foundation, Inc., is a public charity created as a supporting organization to help fulfill the mission of United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County. The Foundation enhances United Way’s ability to respond to the changing landscape of Lincoln and Lancaster County. It acts as a capacity builder for both present and future needs, achieving a lasting community impact for generations to come.

Reasons to give to the Foundation:

  • Forever gifts to the Foundation help United Way and its partner agencies address the needs of today and stay prepared to support tomorrow’s challenges.
  • A forever gift to the Foundation really is the gift that keeps on giving to the community because its principle earns continual interest.
  • Forever gifts to the Foundation directly support children’s education and well-being and help stabilize crisis situations such as poverty, domestic violence, hunger and homelessness.
  • Unrestricted gifts allow United Way to direct funds to areas that will have the greatest community impact.
  • Community volunteers determine the highest priority needs for fund distribution.

To learn more about the United Way Foundation or to make a gift to the Foundation, please contact:

Meagan Liesveld
Executive Director
402.441.7150 (p)
402.411.6088 (f)
238 S. 13th Street
Lincoln, NE 68508-2004


Creating your legacy is easier than ever

One of the most powerful ways to advance the common good in Lincoln and Lancaster County is to include the United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County in your will.

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If you have a more complicated estate, FreeWill can be used to create a set of documented wishes to bring to a lawyer’s office and save time and money.

Secure your legacy with United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County and write your will today.