Diversity Equity & Inclusion

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statements United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County's Equity and Inclusion Statement

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County, our staff, board and volunteers stand united against racism and ethnic discrimination and we are United for diversity and inclusion.

Our mission compels us to work for fair treatment and equitable access and opportunity for all. But we acknowledge we cannot attain that objective unless we make decisions with an intentional lens of equity for individuals and groups who have been historically marginalized and systemically excluded.

Our Commitments

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County will:

  • educate ourselves and hold courageous, meaningful conversation around these issues within our organization and the broader community;
  • engage residents and community members, especially those whose voices have traditionally been marginalized, to learn how we can help;
  • and continue to focus on how we influence equity in education, health and financial stability.

We will build upon our relationships with public and private partners to innovate solutions that ensure everyone has

  • resources,
  • support,
  • and the access to opportunities they need to thrive.

We commit to leveraging all of our assets, including:

  • convening,
  • partnering relationships,
  • strategic funding,
  • and awareness building

to create a more equitable Lincoln and Lancaster County.

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County's Diversity Statement

United Way of Lincoln and Lancaster County recognizes diversity and inclusion as core values that are critical success factors in achieving United Way’s mission. This is a business imperative that is required for United Way to grow, thrive and advance the common good in our community. Therefore, United Way affirms its commitment to cultural diversity and inclusion. United Way recognizes and values the ethnic, religious and racial richness of our community and encourages mutual respect and understanding among all people. United Way recognizes that true excellence will be the result of identifying, serving and enlisting the participation of all people who represent the diversity of our nation’s heritage. United Way believes in the accessibility and affordability of human services for all people. United Way will operate without regard to age; ethnicity; gender; gender expression or identity; genetic information; language differences; parental status; physical, mental and developmental abilities; race; religion; sexual orientation; socio-economic status; veteran status; and recruit staff and board members who represent diverse populations. United Way believes this commitment to be its responsibility as a professional organization which plays an integral leadership role in the economy and future of this city and county.